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Skin Doctor Add-On

Skin Doctor Add-On

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ATTENTION: If purchasing as an add-on to an already existing order, please include your order number in the notes section.

A Skin Doctor will...

  • provide an expert analysis of the skin file provided
  • ensure your skin is compatible with our system
  • automatically convert older skins to the current format (Minecraft version 1.8 and later)
  • modify "Alex" skins to fit the "Steve" template
  • fix any errors, including the removal of "unwanted pixels" and filling holes (missing pixels) in vital regions

A Skin Doctor will NOT...

  • help you redesign your skin
  • design a skin from scratch
  • repair skins missing more than 300 pixels in vital regions
  • edit or delete existing pixels in vital regions
  • provide samples for your approval
  • be held responsible if the skin applied to your action figure does not turn out as desired—it is your responsibility to ensure your design has been properly reviewed

Often times we receive files with obvious errors—pixels on part of the template that should have been left blank, or pixels missing in regions vital to production. For just $3.99, one of our Skin Doctor's can ensure your skin file is OK for printing. Our staff member will ensure the skin you provide is compatible with our digital-to-print conversion algorithm by eliminating suspected "unwanted" pixels and filling in any holes.

There's only one catch—in order to properly treat your "patient," we must be granted some creative control. By hiring a Skin Doctor, you agree to let our designated technician make decisions based on the patterns, or trends of pixels present on the file(s) we receive. For example, if 1 side of each arm is left blank, and the existing 3 sides all contain red pixels representative of a long shirt sleeve, we believe it is safe to assume that you intended to fill the blank sides with red pixels as well.

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